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The construction

The Magic is essebtially a metal plane. The wing - bar, the ribs, the four flight - feathers and the first third of the wings are aluminium metal. The fuselage is an aluminium half - timbered construction with oversized tubes to get a high solidity and a low weight.
We connect the tubes by a new technology. For this technologie we have won an innovation competion in Poland in 1997. The price money we spent on different tests in different conditions and variable strsins. Up to now we conclude these tests very well
On the dynamic tests we have done a simulation of about 10,600 flight hours. Further we increase the load in 10% steps till we reach about 15,000 flight hours. After this we finally broke the wing - bar. The wing - bar brokes on the shown points and we reach the double load as you can reach during a flight. On an average you use a plane about 100 hours a year, so theoretical you can use our wing - bar about 150 years.
Until now in our static - tests we reach a load of + 9g without a plastic deformation. This is analogue to a flight manoevre in a jet. This means that it is also an overpressure for the pilot which withot a special training becames faint over + 6g.
The engine hood , the seats, the tire covers as well as some other covers are made of glas fibre. The wing - bar is partial coverd by metal otherwise like the wings coverd by extrem solid and lightproof cover material.
Some details of the construction:

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