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The Engine

...so much cubic capacity as pssible !
As we looked for the engine we wanted to have an particularly reliable and certificated engine.
The Franklin horizontally opposed engines are constructed specially for airplanes.
These previous american engines are now build in Poland and they called PZL - Franklin.
They are prove as very reliable and durable with simple technology.
We use a 4 cylinder version with 125 hp and a modify 6 cylinder version with 205 hp.
The engines get their power from a enormous cubic capacity of 3,851 cm³ or 5735 cm³ at 2,800 r/min.
This gives the engine an optimal reliably and a high durability.
With such powerful engine in our light plane we reach superior flight specification.

PZL-Franklin 4A-235B4
PZL-Franklin 6A-300C1R
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